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Snowy Snoqualmie Pass Engagement Photos

It's about two years overdue, but I am FINALLY sharing the photos from one of my favorite engagement shoots. We trekked all the way up to Snoqualmie Pass last winter to capture these gorgeous snowy photos.

In Washington, there aren't that many great places to go for truly snowy photos unless you go up to one of the mountain passes. That being said, most of the popular places like Gold Creek Pond are always packed with other photographers taking engagement photos. We wanted a little bit more privacy, so we drove around until we found some secret little spots. One of them isn't actually that sneaky - we took some of their engagement photos at Alpental ski lodge in Snoqualmie Pass. There'as a super cool bridge there that makes for some gorgeous photos! The rest of my locations will remain "secret" but honestly, if you just drive around the mountain pass, you're bound to find some great little pockets of magic.

Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate how amazing Jordyn and Jordan were for putting up with the cold and the snow for this shoot? It was SO COLD, but you'd never know. They just look like they're having the best time - which they (we) were!

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