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How do I book a session with you?

I’m glad you asked! Shoot me an email at or give me a call at (206) 696-3448 so we can chat next steps.

Can you hold a specific date for me?

Absolutely! To reserve your date and time, I require a 50% retainer fee that’s applied to your total session cost. Give me a call so we can chat more details. Easy, peasy!

What’s your photography style?

Although I do have a particular style, I love working with my clients to personalize it to your exact needs and vision. Candids are my jam – I’ll direct you, not pose you. I want to capture you at your most “you” moments!


In terms of general editing and aesthetic, I believe less is more. No, I won’t photoshop a T-Rex into the background and no, I won’t photoshop you to look 15 pounds thinner. What I will do is make sure I’m capturing you at your most flattering angles and making you feel like a million bucks the whole time.


A big trend in photography right now is to overly-desaturate images for a moody, hipster vibe. Scrolling through Instagram, I'm sure you've seen this - lots of contrast, no greens, lots of orange and brown tones, and very dark images. While I totally appreciate this style and think it’s beautiful, I prefer to edit images in a way that's reflective of real life. I strive to showcase the joy and happiness of these monumental moments in life - and to me, that means rich color and bright light. I believe photos to be an investment you'll cherish forever, and therefore they should be timeless. 

Where are you located? Do you travel?

YES, I travel! The Pacific Northwest is my domain, but I also love to travel. If you’re interested, shoot me an email or give me a ring so we can chat details. I’ll travel any distance as long as travel costs are included in your package – ya girl’s still gotta put dinner on the table.

What’s your pricing?

Head on over to my pricing page to learn more about my various options! If you don’t see something there that fits what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to still reach out – I bet you anything we can find a way to make it work!

Are you LGBTQ-friendly?

Absolutely! All couples from all walks of life are welcome here!

What if I’m camera shy?

You are not alone! I’d say about 90% of my clients have either never had their photo professionally taken or feel awkward in front of the camera. Guess what? That’s TOTALLY okay and TOTALLY normal. Trust me, even I feel camera shy!


It is 100% the photographer’s job to make you feel at ease. I actually pride myself on helping my clients feel relaxed and confident during their sessions. Everyone responds differently to different strategies. If you want me to be totally quiet and not say a word, you got it. Want me to play some Nikki Minaj on my phone so you feel like a boss babe? Done. Need me to crack some corny jokes to get you laughing? I’ll do my best (but fair warning, most of them are bad dad jokes!).


Communication is key. Tell me your fears and anxieties, and I’ll work with you to overcome them. This should be FUN, not awkward or stressful!

What do I wear?

This is my favorite question! I’m obsessed with fashion, so you’ve come to the right place. 


The answer totally depends on what kind of shoot, the time of year, your personal style, and the location. When we’re booking your session, I’ll send you recommendations. I’ve also created Pinterest boards for specific shoots with outfit ideas, so we can go that route as well!

Can you recommend a location?

Heck yes! I have a long list of favorite spots we can explore. I’ll work with you to understand your vision for the shoot and make a few recommendations from that info.


If you’re a bit more adventurous, I LOVE going up to the mountains or into nature. Let me know if that floats your boat and we’ll plan our excursion.

Do I get to keep all the photos? How many will I receive?

The number of images you receive totally depends on various factors of your engagement with me. A one-hour portrait session will produce a very different number than an eight-hour wedding.


I will provide a selection of professionally retouched high-resolution images for you. I eliminate any duplicates, test shots, missed focus shots, ones with bad exposure, unflattering shots, etc. I go through every image and carefully pick the highest number of best images possible in the largest variety possible.


When you receive the images, you also get a print release – so feel free to make unlimited copies and post them all over social media! I do retain the copyright to the images, but you will receive full usage rights (essentially, you can share all over social media, make all the prints you want, etc.). 


If you have more questions about usage rights, check out my recent blog post. I break down all the nitty-gritty details there. 


RAW files are available for $15,000, copyright is available for $20,000.

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