Hi, I'm Madeleine

I'm on a mission to reveal your inner strength and joy.


Everyone wants their favorite memories to last forever - and photos have the power to preserve these special moments in life. However, not everyone feels comfortable stepping in front of the camera. I totally understand that, so I work with you to understand your hopes, fears, and vision. I'll encourage you in a way that makes you feel confident and happy.


My approach differs from some photographers because I take a very natural and relaxed approach to "posing." In fact, I don't pose you at all! I'll guide you and give you some prompts, but ultimately, my goal is to capture you at your most "you" moments. I promise we'll be laughing the majority of our time together and all of your fears will melt away. ‚Äč



While I'm based in the beautiful city of Seattle, I'm always looking for opportunities to stretch my legs and explore. If you have an idea for a remote shoot in the mountains or a different state, let's chat and discover what greatness we can create together.


Give me a call any time at 206-696-3448 or shoot me an email at info@madeleinewilson.org. 

Madeleine Wilson is a Seattle, WA based natural light wedding and engagement photographer.

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