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Claire and Larry's Winter Wedding at Tincan Alley in Tacoma, Washington

Claire and Larry were another of my 2020 couples who had to adjust their wedding vision due to the pandemic. Their original backyard spring wedding was downsized to strictly family and a handful of friends, and their reception was postponed.

But there's always a silver lining! This change in plans meant they could have a rockin' wedding reception in the heart of winter with all of their closest family and friends once everyone was widely vaccinated. This also gave the two of them an opportunity to spice things up a bit with unique wedding decor and non-traditional outfits. I mean, just LOOK at Claire's stunning unique wedding dress and Larry's kick-ass maroon suit. They look so effortlessly cool (which is very on-brand for them).

Hair and makeup: @lisaboehmbeauty

Catering: @t.juanatacos


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